The year 2011, Christina and Peter moved to the remaining wing of the farm Källebacka. Here, their creativity grew strong and now they have created their own farm shop with a café.

foto: Emma Ekstrand

New home in an amazing environment
Peter and Christina still live in the wing building of the farm Källebacka, in Marbäck. Before their move here eight years ago, Christina was heading into the famous wall.
 ”When we came here initially, we began to feel so incredibly good at the thought of creating our new home in this amazing environment.”
 Peter and Christina decorated their new home with things made mostly from recycled materials. They bought old, but also created new pieces out of the old stuff at Källebacka.
Workshop in the barnyard
Peter furnished a workshop in the barnyard and continued to develop his recycled products after his dream. Christina continued to feel better and better.
”We feel that life is often such a hustle and bustle, it’s spinning at such a high pace, but there is always another way. We want to try to convey this to other people.”

Farm shop and café
All their ideas and creative thoughts continued to grow and became concrete. During the spring of 2016, the couple pitched their idea to their landlord about opening a farm shop with a café in the barnyard, which is located a bit from the wing building where they live. After getting his approval, they took the decision to dare to bet on their idea.
When we spoke to Christina, Christmas was coming soon and after their opening on the 2nd advent, during the weekends their shop has been visited by many who wanted to stop by for a coffee, shop, or simply sit by the fireplace for a while and just relax.
”Our thinking is that we really want to talk to our guests. People also want to just talk to us. We have already had many pleasant conversations about how we ended up here, that we dared to focus on our dreams and so on.”